Work-Based-Learning (WBL) is a means of attaining high academic standards through contextual, applied, and focused learning. To help students direct their education, Work-Based-Learning encourages, among other things, exposure to a broad variety of career options – starting with speakers and field trips in elementary school and progressing to academically connected internships in a high school student’s career field of interest. The underlying goal is to provide students with knowledge and skills that will allow them to opt for college, additional training, or a well-paying job directly out of high school.



Work-Based-Learning programs and activities provide students with opportunities to learn about possible career choices.  By taking advantage of Work-Based-Learning activities, students can better focus on their interests and strengths. Work-Based-Learning activities can also help to make other school subjects more meaningful by providing a real world setting to observe how the work place integrates various subject areas into everyday processes. 


See your school counselor or Career-Development Facilitator for more information!  



District Five Work-Based Learning Permission Form


Service Learning

Provides students the opportunity to combine school-based learning with work-based activities in a community agency or project.

Service Learning Brochure

Service Learning Standards & Competencies Matrix 

Service Learning Procedures



A half-day or full-day experience, which provides a broad overview of all aspects of a business or industry.  Shadowing may begin as early as middle school.

Shadowing Procedures

Shadowing Agreement

Shadowing Agreement Form



A one-on-one relationship that provides for “hands-on” learning in the area of the student’s career interest.  A learning contract outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. 

Internship Procedures

Internship Placement Checklist

Internship Form (Word)

Internship Form (fillable pdf) 

Internship Self Evaluation

Internship Student Evaluation Letter

Internship Evaluation Letter

Internship Supervisor Evaluation

T09 Evaluation Rubric


WBL Workers' Comp Information

Workers' Comp Procedures

Workers' Comp Agreement Letter

Workers' Comp Student Card


Other Forms

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