Spartanburg Academic Movement

The Spartanburg Academic Movement, or SAM, is a commitment shared by educators, leaders and communities across Spartanburg, SC, that our children will grow into well-educated, independent adults.

But it's more than just that.  SAM is also a commitment to increase the importance we place on academic achievement for every child, from cradle to career and it's a commitment to assure that our young people gain the education required for life and work in an economy that requires specialized knowledge to be productive.

It is a sustaining commitment across our urban and rural county of 288,000 people to link the numerous resources we already have in place:  our schools, colleges and non-profit educational support partners.  This is a commitment to focus their unique missions on persistent and targeted gains in academic achievement at every stage of learning.

This commitment will do the most to advance our indicators of community well-being:  civic and public health, social and natural environments and economic development.

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