Special Services

Department Overview

The Office of Special Services directs and supports the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of Pre K-12 educational programs, curricula, and services that meet the unique needs of students with disabilities and English language learners. It also provides instructional leadership for, and supervision, coordination, and evaluation of early childhood, elementary, secondary, career and transition programs and services as well as professional development. District 5 Special Services provides a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities ages 3 to 21 in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Students with disabilities are served in the least restrictive environment as indicated in their Individual Education Plans. These services may include screenings, evaluations, accommodations, modifications, and related services. Special services staff comprise a team of professionals who work collaboratively to address the unique learning needs of students who are eligible for services. Our relationships with parents is integral to providing a successful educational experience for our students.


image of Dr. Wendy Hite

Dr. Wendy Hite

District Office
Director of Special Services
(864) 949-2309  Email

image of Jennifer Henson

Jennifer Henson

District Office Staff at MTCC
Coordinator of Special Services (Secondary)
(864) 949-2309  Email

image of Mitu Bagchi

Mitu Bagchi

District Office Staff at MTCC
Coordinator of Special Services (Preschool/Elementary)
864-949-2309  Email

image of Sonia Burnett

Sonia Burnett

District Office Staff at MTCC
Special Services Data Manager
(864) 949-2309  Email

image of Tonia Thompson

Tonia Thompson

District Office Staff at MTCC
Administrative Assistant
(864) 949-2309  Email

jennifer melton staff photo

Jennifer Melton

District Office Staff at MTCC
Medicaid Assistant
(864) 949-2309  Email

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