In MackinVIA, you will find all of the digital content available to you in our library!

  • ebooks (900+) lots of popular fiction titles like The Hate U Give as well as classics!

  • audiobooks (60+)

  • links to reliable websites for research and information

  • links to our databases: DISCUS, Science in Context, Issues & Controversies, and much more

  • we have ebook/audiobook versions of required reading in English classes, such as To Kill a Mockingbird (also in Spanish!), Shakespeare plays, Frankenstein, etc.

  • Here's a link to a helpful overview video.

 Access MackinVIA through Clever Link/Launch Pad

  • log in @ using your school gmail information

  • find the MackinVIA app and open

  • the program Clever uses your school gmail information to log you in to your Mackin account!

Access MackinVIA through the free app!  

  • download the free app

  • for school, start typing in James F Byrnes High School (it should pop up for you to click on)

  • log in using your school gmail information 

Special features

  • check out ebooks and audiobooks just like print books in the library for 3 weeks

  • can renew twice

  • no fines! books disappear from your account on the due date

  • can use the request feature to put books on hold if they are already checked out

  • some ebooks are multi-user, meaning more than one person can have the same ebook checked out at the same time

  • articles found in our databases can be saved right in your Google Drive with one click!

  • take notes in the ebooks, which are saved in your Mackin account, then save your notes into your Google Drive with one click!

  • highlight/take notes in articles, then save to Google Drive- it saves your highlights and notes!

  • you can download ebooks/audiobooks to read offline! Here's a link to the help page if you need assistance.