Interesting Facts

  • Official School Colors: Royal Blue and Grey

  • The first Byrnes yearbook, The Quill, had 133 pages as compared to the 2007 Souvenirs of 360 pages.

  • The new Byrnes Media Center was opened in 1979.

  • Edwin S. Lake was the first principal of Byrnes High School in 1955.

  • The Schofield Gymnasium hosted its first basketball game in 1999.

  • The Byrnes mascot, "The Rebels," came from James F. Byrnes who was considered a Rebel in the political arena.

  • Air-conditioning was added to Byrnes in 1979.

  • James F. Byrnes High School was totally integrated in the 1969-70 school year. Prior to that, African-American students attended Florence Chapel High School.Official