School Stats

Graduation Rate 83.4%
Classroom with 1:1 technology 100%
Teacher Perceptions of Safety 7.98/10
Classrooms with Wireless Access 100%
Teachers Satisfied with Learning Environment 93.7%
Students Satisfied with Learning Environment 80.2%

We are an AVID School

AVID is an internationally certified program with a proven track record of closing achievement gaps and motivating students to maximize potential. Elective teachers assist students with study skills, organization strategies, and soft skills for the 21st century workplace. College visits, field trips, guest speakers, weekly tutorials, and positive peer/teacher support are important course aspects. The AVID elective is designed to assist a specific subset of students. Additionally, AVID writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading foundational strategies are implemented school-wide for many of our professional development sessions. The framework provides an aligned structure and vision for our staff to prepare all students for college and career readiness. All teachers are AVID trained in their content area.