Parent Portal Information

PowerSchool Parent Portal

In order for parents to access the Parent Portal, they will need to obtain a login and password. Parents/guardians may obtain logins and passwords through the front office with a valid picture ID.  Picture IDs are required for your security. On the sheets that parents were given for the Parent Portal at registration and open house, the username is the number/letter combination under the father's name. That goes on the top line of the Parent Portal login page. The password, which goes on the second line, is under the mother's name. 

Parent Portal Link

Parent Portal User Guide (PDF )

Parents and guardians of students in Spartanburg School District Five will now be able to view student progress through PowerSchool, the district's student information system. PowerSchool brings together teachers, students, parents, and administrators in a web-based data system. The PowerSchool Parent Portal may be accessed from any place with Internet access. The application uses a secure link that encrypts the data to and from the end user and is very secure. 

Parent access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal will be by unique login ID (user name) and password. The parent/guardian ID and password must be obtained in person with a valid picture ID. The login information may be acquired at registration, open house, or in the guidance office. 

The Parent Portal allows parents to see the following:

  • student schedule.

  • student attendance.

  • student grades in teacher gradebook.

  • comments entered for grades in gradebook.