Welcome From The Principal

Shayne Daugherty

Welcome to Tyger River Elementary School! I am Shayne Daugherty, your proud principal, and I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you and your children as we embark on an exciting journey of learning and growth together.

At Tyger River Elementary, we are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters academic excellence, creativity, and character development. Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about creating a positive and engaging learning experience for your child.

We believe in the power of collaboration between parents, teachers, and students. Together, we can create a supportive community that empowers our students to reach their full potential. We encourage open communication and value your involvement in your child's education.

Our school is equipped with modern facilities and resources to enhance the learning experience. We have a variety of programs to cater to the diverse interests of our students.

In the near future you'll have the opportunity to meet our wonderful staff, learn more about our curriculum, and become an integral part of our school community.

Thank you for choosing Tyger River Elementary School for your child's education. I look forward to a fantastic school year filled with growth, achievements, and memorable experiences.

Best regards,

Shayne Daugherty

Principal, Tyger River Elementary School