2022 Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Results

2022 Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Results

7th Grade Superior Ratings

Solo Violin:  Connor Balfour and Sarah Catherine Landrum,

Duet:  Raielle Hayes and Sarah Catherine Landrum; Jenna Thomas and Emma Taylor

7th Grade Excellent Ratings

Solo Violin: Alan Ellerin

Viola:  Madalynn Crawford

8th Grade Superior Solo Ratings

Solo Violin:  Zoey McCrary, Mathew Ramsey, and Ben Roach

8th Grade Duet:  Ada Jarrett and Ana Thoma; Mathew Ramsey and Ysaias Perez

8th Grade Ensemble:  Gabrielle Gamboa, Miriam Onofre, Jeremy Rojas and Kate Furdui

7th and 8th Grade Duet:  McKenzie Perry and Mathew Ramsey

8th Grade Excellent Ratings

Violin: Gabrielle Gamboa, Ada Jarrett, Haley McClure, and Kaitlyn Ramirez

Cello:  Alexandra Marroquin-Torres

8th Grade Ensemble:  Jaydon Gilliam, Josh Borei, Antony Melnik and Ethan McClure