SCMEA Region One Solo and Ensemble

Congratulations to the following Orchestra students on receiving a Superior and or Excellent Score!


Matthew Ramsey - 7th Grade Solo
Ben Roach, Whitney Mefford, Ethan McClure, Lily Davis, and Gabriel Bollinger - 7th Grade Ensemble
Ada Jarrett - 7th Grade Ensemble
Alfonso Rojas - 7th Grade Solo
Ryder Bridges and Devin Caldwell - 7th Grade Duet
Scarlett Rabadan - 8th Grade Solo
Ben Roach - 7th  Grade Solo
Gabrielle Gamboa and Jakiyah Colon - 7th Grade Duet
Joshua Borei - 7th Grade Solo
Gabrielle Gamboa - 7th Grade Solo 
Joshula Borei and Kinsley Caraway - 7th Grade Duet
Katy Furdui - 7th Grade Solo
Brittany Phan - 8th Grade Solo
Jonathan Poeta and Sara Taylor - 8th Grade Duet