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AP Info Night 1/22, 6pm

Did you know Byrnes Freshman Academy/Byrnes High School offers 15 different AP programs?! 

AP college-level courses go beyond basic subject matter and allow students to deeply explore the subjects that interest them.

AP classes can help students:

1. Stand out in college admissions--taking AP is a sign you're ready for college

2. Earn college credits for FREE--colleges nationwide offer credit, advanced placements or both for qualifying exam scores

3. Skip introductory classes--you can move directly to upper-level and major-specific courses once at college (saving you $$) 

4. Build college skills and confidence--from problem solving to time management and more

5. Pursue interests--you can dig deeper into subjects you want to learn about

Questions?  To learn more about AP courses and about getting ready for college, we invite you and your parents to attend our AP Info Night on January 22, 2019 at 6pm in the District Five Fine Arts Center.  All of our AP teachers will be on hand to answer your questions.  Also, hear from students who were/are enrolled in AP classes.  We hope to see you all there--Join us!