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Huge Honor for Orchestra Students

This past weekend, October 6th, the orchestra students competed against students from all of Spartanburg 1-7, Laurens, Union and York counties in order to be selected in an orchestra comprised of the best students from this Region. We had a record number of 24 students selected for these orchestras and not only that but we have 4 students holding 1st chair positions.That means that they are the best out of all the students!!! This is a HUGE HONOR for all these students and they have worked hard to earn it!

Diana Ilie - 1st Chair 9/10 Cello
Natalie Pickren - 1st Chair 11/12 Cello 
Blake Faulkner - 1st Chair 9/10 Bass
Robert Gregory - 1st Chair 11/12 Bass
Lauren McClary
Sophie Smith
Jennifer Nguyen
Caroline White 
Ella McGarity
Roman Marcano
Jonas Kovacs
Gabe Dillard
Angeline Novikov
Kayla Brock
Presley Rimel
Hailey Magner
Haleigh McSwain
Damaris Hernandez
Brooke Daniels
Michelle-Perez Ugarte
Noah Heck
Mollie Hance
Sydney Durham - Alternate
Hydeia Brown - Alternate