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One Book One School

Our school embarked on a One Book One School experience this year. Several students and teachers wanted to finish the book out just like we started...together. Below you will find the final chapters of Reguee by Alan Gratz. 


Pg. 243-246 (Isabel)

Pg. 247-252 (Mahmoud)

Pg. 253-258 (Joseph)

Pg. 259-262 (Isabel)

Pg. 263-269 (Mahmoud)

Pg. 270-274 (Joseph)

Pg. 275-278 (Isabel)

Pg. 279-284 (Mahmoud)

Pg. 285-291 (Josheph)

Pg. 292-298 (Isabel)

Pg. 299-306 (Mahmoud)

Pg. 306-309 (Isabel)

Pg. 310-317 (Moahmoud)