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Band Students Make All-State

FLORENCE CHAPEL MS BAND 2019 All-State and Region Band Students

SC Junior All-State Band Alayna Phillips- 3rd chair flute Audrey Durham- 3rd chair bass clarinet Jaden Anders- 8th chair trumpet Spencer Jones- 1st chair trombone Jack Eitel- 2nd chair trombone Ethan Carter- 2nd chair euphonium Kendall Montgomery- end chair percussion Whitney Durham- 1st alternate oboe Annabelle King- 6th alternate clarinet Sarah Grant- 1st alternate percussion

SC Region Six Junior Band
Sarah Sears, 1st chair flute
Anabelle Ly, 2nd chair flute
Karis Abrams, 4th chair flute
Darya Sarioglo, 6th chair flute
Blair Burnett, 10th chair flute
Whitney Durham, 1st chair Oboe
Hayleigh Ebel, 2nd chair Bassoon
Kalyn Baxter, 4th chair Bassoon
Annabelle King, 1st chair clarinet
Tina Patel, 5th chair clarinet
Abigail Hearne, 9th chair clarinet
Claire Verrett, 11th chair clarinet
Juliet Batson, 12th chair clarinet
Scarlett Pullan, 14th chair clarinet
Leilani Cox, 17th chair clarinet
Dasiah Martin, 19th chair clarinet
Jalil Good, 2nd chair bass clarinet
Fletcher Martin, 4th chair alto sax
Maleah Jones, 5th chair alto sax
Michael Adolf, 6th chair alto sax
Zach Argentine, 2nd chair tenor sax
John Emerson, 2nd chair trumpet
Timothy Sulton, 3rd chair trumpet
Thomas Eubanks, 7th chair trumpet
Will Chastain, 10th chair trumpet
Harrison Scott, 16th chair trumpet
Charlotte King, 6th chair horn
Molly Smith, 2nd chair trombone
Michael McDonald, 4th chair trombone
Lander Bertossi, 8th chair trombone
Presley Orr, 2nd chair euphonium
Evan Kemper, 8th chair tuba
Eben Wells, 4th chair tuba
Israel Grant, 5th chair tuba
Sarah Grant, 1st chair percussion

SC Region Six Alternate Band
Kadie Richardson, 1st junior oboe
Karina Chun, 4th junior horn
Jackson Sistrunk, 1st junior euphonium
Kadan Roach, 2nd junior tuba
Zee Moss, 3rd junior tuba
Ashleigh Howard, 1st junior percussion