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Berry Shoals Virtual Art Show

You are invited…

to the MAD About the Arts Night to support the Berry Shoals Intermediate Fine Arts program. 

  • Artome is doing a virtual and in house art show in collaboration with Berry Shoals Intermediate School to celebrate the performing and visual arts.
  •  Artome is hosting an online Virtual Art Show for Berry Shoals students from Apr 8, 2022 to Apr 20, 2022.  
  • Explore the gallery online at to view student artwork and/or purchase a frame.
  • Support your school! Each frame can be purchased online from Artome for $25. 
  • Pre-show virtual sales: Collect your child’s purchased & framed artwork at the in-house Art Show at Berry Shoals Intermediate School on April 20, 2022 from 5:30-6:10.
  • In-house Art show: Student artwork will be framed & displayed in the Gym on April 20th. If you missed the virtual show frames may also be purchased at the in-house event.
  • Sales are cashless!  Credit/debit cards accepted.
  • Must show proof of purchase at the Gym exit to collect framed art. Artome will email a receipt confirmation. 
  • The hall with the most in-house participation= free hat/sunglass day.
  • Music performance to follow at 6:20 in the cafeteria.