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Welcome To Our New Website!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION PICTURE Welcome to our new Spartanburg District Five Schools website!  After months of collaboration, and help from the K-12 experts at Blackboard, our site received a much-needed "makeover"!

We hope you will find this new "look" to be clear and easy to navigate, as you search for information about District Five schools, whether you're a student, teacher, parent, or community member.  Take a minute to look around the new site, as we aim to give you a full picture of everything going on in District Five!
As with any new website, we are still making adjustments, so please "pardon our progress" as we strive to make this site the best it can be!  Please let us know what you think, as we'll be constantly improving the site throughout the year.  Thank you for your support of Spartanburg District Five Schools!