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District Five Logo

Spartanburg District Five is beginning the new year with a brand new "look"!    Thanks to the work of Trevett's, a web, design, print and mail company out of Columbia, the District has a new logo, and branding, to match the tradition of excellence that is a cornerstone of District Five.  The previous logo had been in place for more than 25 years, and while it served the District well, it was time for an updated depiction of what District Five represents, including the success of its students and the growth and change the District has experienced.

With the help of a logo committee, comprised of district teachers and staff members, students, parents, and community members, began the process of revising the logo in the late summer of 2018.  District stakeholders were surveyed, and a design team at Trevett's went to work.  Once an initial concept was presented, the District's logo committee provided feedback to Trevett's to perfect the design.  A final version was approved by the District Five Board of Trustees on December 12.

The primary logo features a torch, a longtime symbol of education that represents enlightenment and hope.  It also embodies the charge of our Superintendent this school year, to be the "lighthouse" and light the way for students.  Within the torch, are the "S" in the flame, and the roman number 5 (V) below, subtly creating an S5, for Spartanburg Five.

While many parts of the logo are "new", the District's main message, or motto, of "Every Child, Every Day" remains strong.

District Five is looking forward to carrying this new look long into the future, as the district grows, and builds on its history as one of the premiere school districts in South Carolina.