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Grading System FAQs – Elementary Schools

In April of 2016, the State Board of Education unanimously approved the recommendation to adopt a 10‐point grading scale beginning in the 2016‐17 school year for all high school courses. The adoption of the new scale will benefit students and their families as they transfer into South Carolina schools while also providing all of our students an equal opportunity to compete with their counterparts in neighboring states for college admission, athletic and academic scholarships, and national awards. This change will level the playing field for all of our students while maintaining high academic standards.

In the seven Spartanburg School Districts, the decision has been made to implement the 10‐point grading scale for all grade levels beginning with grade 3. We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you may have regarding the shift in grading.


What are the numerical grades that correspond to each letter grade?

A = 90‐100

B = 80‐89

C = 70‐79

D = 60‐69

F = Any grade below 60


When will the new grading scale be implemented?

At the beginning of the 2016‐17 school year.


Why does my child’s report card show numbers instead of letter grades?

The decision was made to convert all report card grades to numerical values beginning this year to align with the reporting for grades for credit‐bearing courses at the middle and high school. The numerical grades are easily converted to letters using the list above. In addition, when parents log in to the Parent Portal to check their child’s assignments and grades, they see numbers instead of letter grades, so the process is now streamlined through all of our reporting tools.


What do the letters Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, S1, S2 and Y1 on my child’s report card mean?

The ‘Qs’ correspond to the quarters, or nine week periods that the school year is divided into. ‘S1’ (Semester 1) is the average of ‘Q1’ and ‘Q2’. ‘S2’ (Semester 2) is the average of ‘Q3’ and ‘Q4’. ‘Y1’ (Year) is the average of ‘S1’ and ‘S2’ and represents the grade the student has earned for that entire year of instruction.


What are these grades used for?

Grades are used by classroom teachers as a measuring tool for student learning as they progress through the school year. Beginning in grade 6, grades in certain subjects are used as a qualification for the state Gifted and Talented Program. In addition, grades are used to determine eligibility for some clubs and organizations, such as Junior Beta Club.


Will these changes affect my K5, 1st or 2nd grade student?

No – Spartanburg Five will continue to report student progress in these grades as it has been done in the past.