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District Five Schools To Conduct Safety Training Exercise

safety training graphicTo ensure our teachers and staff are prepared and trained for a major emergency, Spartanburg District Five Schools will be conducting a district-wide safety training exercise at Byrnes High School on Friday, March 17.


This active attack drill will involve all District Five teachers and staff, and will be done in partnership with dozens of local and state law enforcement agencies, EMS, fire departments, and Spartanburg County Emergency Management.  A large concentration of law enforcement and emergency vehicles will be present on the high school campus throughout the drill, so the community needs to know there's no need for concern.


March 17 is a teacher workday in District Five, so no students will be on campus during this drill, nor will any students participate in the exercise. 


District Five staff members will be trained in lockdown procedures, as well as a reunification demonstration, a critical step should a real major emergency event ever occur on any of our school campuses.  


As safety is always our number one priority in District Five, our hope is that our employees walk away better trained and prepared to protect themselves and our students in a real emergency.