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DHEC Publishes Parent "Opt Out" Form For Student Masks In School

mask mandate graphicOn Tuesday, May 11, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster issued an Executive Order, allowing parents the ability to "opt out" of their student wearing a mask to school.  To read the Executive Order, click here. The Governor's Order directed DHEC and the state Department of Education to develop a form giving parents this "opt out" ability. 


Spartanburg District Five recognizes that parents and families have different opinions on this issue, but still strongly believes the medical guidance from DHEC that states that, “masks are an effective and essential tool for protecting public health, and that the wearing of masks does slow the spread of COVID-19”.


However, should any District Five parent or guardian want their child to not wear a mask at school, DHEC has now published a form allowing parents to “opt out” of the school mask mandate.  A copy of this form has been sent home with students, and is also available here.  


English version

Spanish version

Russian version


If you choose to opt out, you must submit this form to your school’s front office, send it to school with your child, or email it to your school principal.


Opting out does not apply to wearing a mask on school buses because that is a federal requirement.


District Five appreciates the support and understanding of our parents, families and community as we work to protect the safety of our students and staff, and have a successful end to the school year.