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District Five High School Students To Return To Full Face-To-Face Instruction

roadmap graphic Spartanburg District Five  announced this week the plan to return all high school students to full face-to-face learning by early December.  "We believe wholeheartedly that face-to-face instruction is what's best for students, and we're committed to making that happen in a safe and responsible manner," says Superintendent Dr. Randall Gary.


The phased in approach to full in-person instruction for Byrnes Freshman Academy and Byrnes High School will begin with two "trial" days on Tuesday, November 24, and Friday, December 4.  On these day, ALL STUDENTS who receive in-person instruction will attend school.  These "trial days" will give our administrators, teachers and staff the opportunity to identify issues and adjust accordingly, in order to maximize safety for students and staff.


Then, on Monday, December 7, all students will return to a full five day a week in-person schedule at Byrnes Freshman Academy and Byrnes High School.


Just as it has been the case at the elementary, intermediate and middle school level, high school students will also have plexiglass barriers in their classrooms as an extra layer of security.  While the barriers do NOT replace the use of masks, updated DHEC guidance allows the traditional social distancing space of six feet to be reduced to three feet when plexiglass is in use.  


The announcement of this phase of our "Roadmap to Reopening" plan only impacts students who are attending school for in-person instruction, and will not change the schedule for students in the Spartanburg Five Virtual Academy.