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District Five Releases Final Plan For 2020-21 School Year

Roadmap graphic

Spartanburg District Five has released its final "Roadmap To Reopening" plan for the 2020-21 school year.  This plan is the result of months of careful thought on behalf of district leaders, as well as consultation with state medical officials, and leaders from the South Carolina Department of Education.  We also listened to feedback from our parents and families, employees, and community, genuinely considering the concerns of all stakeholders as we planned to reopen our schools.  After all of this, District Five has come up with what we believe is the SAFEST plan for both our students and staff.


School will begin on August 17 for students, with the District operating on the HYBRID MODEL FOR ALL SCHOOLS.


District Five has also unveiled the Spartanburg Five Virtual Academy for students this year.  Learn more here!


Download the full ROADMAP TO REOPENING PLAN here.