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SC Education Superintendent Visits Middle Tyger Community Center

Molly Spearman South Carolina Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman made a stop in District Five recently to take a look at one of the District's most treasured resources.  Spearman was invited to Middle Tyger Community Center by local Representative Rita Allison, who has been touting the center's excellent work for years.  "I've been hearing about the work being done here for some time, and I wanted to come see it," Spearman told a crowd there for the visit.

Joined by Allison, Middle Tyger Executive Director Haley Grau and former Director Wanda Fowler, and District Five Superintendent Dr. Randall Gary, Spearman toured the center and was able to get a firsthand look at its many services.  Originally drawn by its early childhood education programs, the Superintendent of Education quickly learned the center has even more to offer, from a food pantry and adult education/GED programs, to a family counseling program and senior center for area residents.  

Following a tour of the center, Superintendent Spearman sat down with the group for a roundtable discussion to discuss the center's strengths and how it's programs could help other communities.  "We need to replicate Middle Tyger Community Center in places all over South Carolina.  There's so much need," Spearman said.

Grau said she was simply thankful for the Superintendent's support, and interest in the center.  "We believe if you come into the center and you see the work that we're doing, you will absolutely want to help in the ways that we serve."

First opened in 1998, with a grant from the Mary Black Foundation, Middle Tyger Community Center provides comprehensive services to the community, helping students and families all over District Five.