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Make-Up Days Announced

Calendar photo The Spartanburg District Five Schools calendar is changing, after winter weather cancelled classes this month.  Students will now attend school on March 29 and June 3, after missing December 10-11, due to snow.  Both days were designated as potential make-up days in this year's school calendar.

The changes to the end of the year schedule mean that May 30 will now be a full day for students, with May 31 and June 3 both being 1/2 days for students.

By state law, school districts are required to include 3 potential make-up days in their calendar every year.  District Five students will already be attending school on the first make-up day, February 18, due to inclement weather that cancelled classes back in October.

Should the district miss more days of school this year, the state grants local school boards the right to "forgive" up to 3 days missed.  Any additional days beyond that have to be forgiven by the State Board of Education.