District Five’s Gifted and Talented Academic program is designed to meet the needs of academically gifted and talented students in grades 3-12.  G/T classes emphasize the use of higher level critical and creative thinking skills.

       Based on intellectual abilities and achievement, students may be referred by teachers, parents or themselves for identification as a participant in the program.  Placement is determined by meeting state-mandated criteria in at least two out of three dimensions.

       As part of the screening process, all students in Grade 2 will receive a group-administered aptitude test (Dimension A) in November 2015 and a group administered achievement test (Dimension B) in the fall and spring.

       Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 who are referred for academically gifted and talented identification will participate in a group-administered aptitude test (Dimension A) in November 2015 and in achievement tests (Dimension B) such as MAP and ACT Aspire throughout the school year. 

        If a student meets the required minimum standard of 93rd percentile in Dimension A (Verbal, NonVerbal, Quantitative, or Composite) or the minimum standard of 94th percentile or Exemplary (Reading or Math) in Dimension B, but not in both Dimensions, the student will participate in Star Performance Tasks (Dimension C) in March 2016. 

        Parents of those students who are referred and parents of those students who are identified for the Gifted and Talented Academic program will receive final notification of the results of the identification process no later than June 2016.

        Referrals for students are due in late October and can be obtained from your student’s guidance counselor, the district and school websites, or by calling the Spartanburg District Five Office, 949-2350. 

        A referral form is not needed for students in Grade 2 since all second-graders are automatically screened as part of the district’s testing program.

     Download Referral Forms Here: