• Media Center
      The LES School Media Center
    Every class in grades K5 through Fourth visits the media center each week during a regularly scheduled time.  During this time, the class session is split into two segments:
    1.  15-20 minutes-----Library Lesson time---this could include storytime, shared reading, research skills, library skills and computer skills.
    2.  20-25 minutes-----Library checkout time---this is the time that students are allowed to independently search for and checkout library       materials.  If students finish early or do not wish to checkout, they are given the choice of silent reading time throughout the media center or the Reading Jungle, computer time or other appropriate media center activity.
    Why Are School Library/Media Centers Important?

    A recent study conducted by Colorado's Library Research Service (LRS) found that state achievement test scores averaged 10 to 15 percent higher in elementary schools and 18 percent higher in middle schools with well-developed library media programs.


    Test scores averaged 8 percent higher in elementary schools and 18 to 21 percent higher in middle schools when library media specialists collaborated with classroom teachers.



    •  Is accessible to the total school community, on site or remotely
    •  Is cost effective because one book is used by many
    • Provides flexible scheduling and timely access to the collection

               by all students

    •  Offers a broad range of materials—reference, fiction,

                and nonfiction

    • Addresses a broad range of reading levels
    • Minimizes loss through cost-effective tracking systems
    •  Supports learning to read and reading to learn with informational

               and imaginative text and literature

    •  Adds new resources throughout the school year to keep

               collections dynamic

    •  Creates a sense of ownership that is shared by the entire

               school community

    Roscello, Frances and Patricia Webster (2002). Characteristics of School Library Media