• District Five Alcohol and Drug Policy

    No student shall:
    1. Knowingly or intentionally possess on school premises, school buses, or at official school functions narcotic drugs, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogenic drugs, or other controlled substances unless obtained from or pursuant to, a valid prescription or ordered by a practitioner with the appropriate signed documentation.
    2. Knowingly or intentionally possess on school premises, school buses, or at school functions beer, wine, or liquor.
    3. Possess on school premises, school buses, or at official school functions prescribed medicine without reporting the fact of possession to the principal or first period teacher upon arrival at school. The amount of any prescribed medicine may be limited by the principal. Any person who violates the provisions of Sections 1 and 2 of the foregoing paragraphs shall be suspended and the principal shall recommend expulsion for the remainder of the school year. Any person who violates Section 3 of the foregoing paragraphs may be suspended or expelled or be subject to such other lesser penalty as shall be determined to be appropriate.
    School rules prohibit the distribution of any material, including narcotic drugs, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, or hallucinogenic drugs, uncontrolled and prescribed drugs,medicines, beer, wine or liquors at school. Violation of this rule may result in suspension, expulsion, or such other lesser penalty as may be appropriate.
    Students who come to school or any school function in an intoxicated condition, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or conduct themselves in a disorderly or boisterous manner may be arrested for a misdemeanor under Section 16-17-530 of the SC Code, as well as be suspended and/or expelled from school.
    If a student violates this alcohol and drug policy, the principal is asked to contact the parents or legal guardian and the local police and to suspend the student from school. Any alcoholor drugs taken from a student will be turned over to the police.
    Students who are addicted to or dependent upon a controlled substance may seek advice from the guidance office or administration concerning such problems and obtain treatment without fear of arrest or being reported to law enforcement authorities.
    Drug and Alcohol Use

    To provide for the development and safety of our students, the district is committed to a comprehensive prevention program which includes: supporting fostering abstinence of students, requiring active participation of students and staff, involving parents and encouraging  the cooperation of collaboration of community organizations and local
    law enforcement agencies.
    Staff members will be given clear guidelines on how they should handle cases of suspected and known drug and alcohol use. School personnel will make every effort to encourage young people who have problems with drug and alcohol use to seek help. The schools will provide referrals for treatment and counseling of children as well as their families.
    Drug and alcohol use by young people is an issue for the whole community; therefore, the schools will work in close communication and cooperation with other agencies.

    Students shall not be permitted to use or to possess tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia (including vapes) while on school grounds, in the school buildings, on school buses, or during any other time that the student is under the direct administrative jurisdiction of the school, whether on or off the school grounds. This will include all areas on or adjacent to all of District 5 properties. Any student caught smoking in this area will be subject to the published discipline code. This policy will be in effect at any time before, during, or after school on each day school is in session. Examples of smoking paraphernalia are lighters, matches, rolling paper, and/or anything that can be used in the act of smoking. School administrators will develop procedures consistent with the discipline code of the district in order to enforce this policy (see Discipline Code). If necessary, law enforcement will be notified.
    Canine Searches
    To promote a safe and orderly environment, District Five Schools has contracted with the Duncan Police Department to assist with periodic, unannounced searches of the schools, school grounds, and all personal property on school grounds. The Duncan Police Department has highly trained dogs to search for a variety of contraband. Please note the

    • All property and people (including students, staff, visitors, etc.) are
    • subject to searches.
    •  Vehicles and other personal property are subject to searches.
    •  Inspectors are searching for illegal drugs, controlled substances,
    • weapons, and other items of contraband.
    •  Law Enforcement officials will be contacted when contraband is
    • found.
    •  Parents will be contacted in the event of an offense.
    • Searches often result in discipline offenses for tobacco products and
      other less threatening items of contraband