• The orderly conduct of the educational process requires that the clothing and grooming of students not be distracting, disruptive, or provocative. The teaching staff and dress code committee of Spartanburg School District Five believe that children who have positive self-concepts tend to be better students and, consequently, better citizens when their formal education has been completed. Positive self-concepts are enhanced when students wear appropriate clothing to school. Any style of clothing tending toward immodesty by exposureor excessive emphasis of any body features will not be considered appropriate dress for school. The length of clothing (skirts, shorts, etc.) must be appropriate for the school setting. (As a rule of thumb, clothing should extend beyond the fingertips when the shoulders are relaxed.) Students may not wear clothing with holes above the knees. Students are encouraged to take pride in their appearance with proper grooming and dress. Hats, headwear, or sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in any buildings at the Byrnes Freshman Academy. The following items are specifically prohibited in District Five Schools:


    1. Any skin-tight clothing (bikers’ pants, leggings, etc.) without an accompanying over garment that extends to fingertips.
    2. No holes above the knees that expose skin or undergarments.
    3. Sagging is strictly prohibited. Under garments may not be exposed by any student.
    4. Bandanas
    5. Sheer or see-through blouses or shirts, midriffs, tank tops, or muscle shirts (shirts worn by males must have sleeves) without a garment that covers the body. As a rule of thumb, shoulder straps should be at least 3 finger widths.
    6. Garments with slogans, patches, buttons, flags, emblems, or symbols that degrade human dignity (Slogans and patches must be an integral part of the clothing).
    7. Garments that display illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco.
    8. Any conditions that violate the state health and safety regulations (e.g. shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in public buildings; however, the soles of footwear must not be made of material that has a possibility of causing damage to school property, such as metal heel plates, taps, cleats, etc.).
    9. Any symbol or sign (including the wearing of bandanas) or colors that can be interpreted as gang related is strictly prohibited.
    10. No chains or spike jewelry is permitted. Such jewelry will be confiscated.
    11. No sleepwear, blankets or covering, pillows, bedroom shoes, etc. will be allowed.

    Any student wearing clothing that does not meet the criteria outlined above will be warned for the first offense in addition to being required to change clothes. Subsequent violations will result in appropriate disciplinary actions as determined by the administration. (Any clothing, symbol, or action deemed by the administration to be disruptive to the educational process may be prohibited.) Parents or guardians will be notified when their children have been found in violation of the dress code. Those students violating the dress code will face one or more of the following actions:
    • removal from class
    • requirement to immediately change clothes
    • referral for disciplinary sanction
    Judgment of questionable dress will be made on a case-by-case basis. The administration reserves the right to review or modify the dress code as needed.