In 2010 Wellford Elementary School became Wellford Academy of Science and Technology-- a magnet school focused on science and technology.  Around our school students are actively engaged in science and technology-rich and lessons. Please feel free to call the school (864-949-2385) to request a visit or more information regarding our magnet program.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a magnet school?  A magnet school has a specialized focus.  The term "magnet" refers to how students are drawn to the school from outside the school's normal attendance area.

    Who will attend the magnet school?  All students zoned for Wellford Elementary can attend Wellford Academy of Science and Technology.  A limited number of students outside our attendance area who are interested in the program will also be accepted through the District Five Limited School Choice policy.  ALL STUDENTS in the school will have equal opportunity to participate in specialized instruction and after school activities.

    What is the application process?  Parents of District Five students who wish to enroll their child(ren) in the Academy should fill out the D5 School Choice Application found here.

    How will the magnet concept affect my child's instruction in the core content areas?   Wellford Academy will continue its tradition of quality instruction in the core subject areas of reading, math, science and social studies, using the South Carolina curriculum standards as a guide.  Technology will be integrated into the core subjects to enhance lessons.

    How will growth in enrollment impact class size?  Class sizes will not increase above normal district averages.


    Why was science chosen as a focus?  Wellford Academy has a full-time, certified teacher for our well-equipped Thinktank (formerly, science lab). First through fourth grade students visit the Thinktank to participate in Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM) activities.  Kindergarten students receive hands-on instruction weekly in a science lab. Science has consistently been a priority at our school. Click here to take a closer look at our science programs.

    Why was technology chosen as a focus? Our school has been steadily implementing and increasing the use of technology in our classrooms.  With many technological resources at hand and high student and teacher interest, it was a natural progression to choose technology as a focus. 

    What opportunities will my child have as a student at Wellford Academy of Science and Technology?

     - participate in technology-rich lessons across the curriculum

     - watch science come to life with hands-on, inquiry based activities in science lab once a week

     - attend Science and Technology Family Fun Night

     - communicate with authors, teachers, and children around the world using Skype, social media, email, and more

     - operate devices such as iPads (we have over 200 available for children), Interwrite boards and tablets, Student Response Systems, Flip cameras, and more to collaborate with peers on technology-based projects

     - use countless applications and web-based programs to enhance learning

     - investigate real-world science, technology, engineering, and math challenges using the S.T.E.A.M model