• Leadership Byrnes
    Leadership Byrnes is a course designed for students interested in developing leadership skills. The purpose of Leadership Byrnes is to teach students skills for effective leadership at Byrnes and in their community. Leadership qualities, parliamentary procedure, election/voting processes and public speaking are studied. Leadership Byrnes students work on various school-based service projects organized around improving the school climate for students. In addition, Leadership Byrnes raises money throughout the school year for Relay for Life.
    Over that last three years, Leadership Byrnes has raised over $30, 000 for Relay for Life. The Rebel Store is one way that they raise funds. Leadership Byrnes students run and manage the Rebel Store by selling supplies and Rebel Gear. Most of the Rebel Gear is suggested and designed by the Leadership Byrnes Class.
    In addition to the Rebel Store, the Leadership Byrnes classes run many fundraisers throughout the year such as a Holiday Bazaar, Family Movie Night at the Jumbotron, and Rebel Pride Week and Carnival in order to raise money for Relay for Life.
    Questions about Leadership Byrnes? Contact Teresa Schiltz, advisor