• Academic Team

    The Academic Team promotes interest in academics and represents the school in competitions. Any student may try out for the team. Contact: Amber Hedgpeth.

    Art Club

    The Art Club is open to students with a genuine interest in art. Students do not have to be enrolled in an art course to be involved. Members will work with a variety of media, concepts, and collaborative projects. The Art Club meets every other Tuesday of each month. Contact: Pam Little, Raelyn Chambliss, or Megan Parlow.

    Beta Club

    The Beta Club honors those students who have maintained better than average scholastic grades. It stimulates effort, rewards achievement, and seeks to encourage its members to continue their education beyond high school level. A student must be in the top 10% of his/her class. Contact: Mandy Loudermilk.


    The purpose of the Future Business Leaders of America is to prepare students for today's world of business. Through the organization, students learn what will be expected of them as they seek employment in the future. Contact: Robin Asbill.


    The mission of the FCA is to present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. FCA web site link. Contact: Liz Cooksey or Katie Jolley .


    The Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America is a club that promotes personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer science education. Members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and vocational preparation. Students who have taking or have taken a high school course in Family and Consumer Science are eligible for membership. Contact: Janice Racoosin.


    The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Students is to give each student an opportunity to be a part of a Christian organization with the challenge and adventures of following Christ and serving Him through the fellowship of the church and in their vocations. Contact: Tom Barber or Laly Serrano.

    FIGHT Club

    FIGHT stands for Friends Into Getting Healthy Together. FIGHT Club is a program designed to help BHS students to get fit and/or lose weight. Students must commit to attend workouts every Tuesday and Thursday. Attendance is mandatory except for medical excuses, a family emergency or absence from school. Our goal is to "FIGHT" obesity and our motto is "FIGHT for your Life". Our mission statement is as follows: The FIGHT Program provides students with an opportunity to participate in a program that empowers each participant with the knowledge and experience to develop a healthy active lifestyle through exercise, nutrition education and activities in a positive supportive environment. The ultimate goal is that each student will transition from the FIGHT Program to become an independent learner leading a healthy active lifestyle outside of the school environment. Contact: Deborah Holcombe.

    Fishing Club 

    Meetings will begin in the fall semester. The season will begin in February and end late in April. There will be a club fee. This club will provide opportunities for students to get outside and enjoy the sport of fishing. The club will also encourage members to participate in local and state-wide fishing tournaments. The sport of fishing is expected to become a high school league sanctioned sport in the next few years. Contact: Kevin McCurry.

    French Club 

    The purpose of the French Club is to promote the study of the French language and culture through fun activities. It is open to all students and provides opportunities to broaden understanding and appreciation of the cultures of French-speaking countries. Contact: Melissa Buffington.

    French National Honor Society

    Students studying French are eligible for the Honor Society Membership if they maintain an A average in at least two years of French and a 3.0 GPA. An induction ceremony is held in the spring and members may purchase an Honor Cord to wear in their individual cap and gown photos. Contact: Melissa Buffington.

    German Club

    The purpose of the German Club is to promote the study of the German language and culture through varied & fun activities. The Club also provides fellowship for those students studying German and offers them opportunities to broaden their understanding and appreciation of the culture of the German-speaking countries outside the classroom.  Some typical activities include an Oktoberfest, Nikolaustag, Fasching, a Film-Fest, a Spieltag, and a Schnitzeljagd.  Contact: Carol Nescio

    German National Honor Society

    Students studying German are eligible for membership in the German National Honor Society if they meet the following criteria: * An 'A' average in each of all German classes taken from 9th to 12th grade as well as * A GPA of 3.0 or better.  An induction ceremony is held during the school year. Seniors may purchase an honor cord to wear at graduation.   Contact: Carol Nescio.

    Health/HOSA Club

    This club is geared toward helping students experience the different areas in health and to prepare them for a possible career in health. HOSA - Health Occupations Students Association has the mission to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.  Contact: Rubye Calhoun

    Junior Civitans

    As a community service organization, the Junior Civitans provide student leadership within the community by participating in and hosting community service projects. Students must be able to commit time to the club outside of school hours. Interested students must complete an application and have no discipline record. Contact: Jamie Gregory

    Leadership Byrnes

    Leadership Byrnes is an academic course offering that is an assimilation of many of the smartest and most ambitious students in our student body. Leadership Byrnes members are chosen by an application process which includes a teacher recommendation component, a GPA requirement of 3.0, and a completely clean discipline record for their entire tenure here at Byrnes. This group is responsible for our Relay For Life team, promoting school spirit for all athletic events, managing and running the Rebel Cafe and doing anything that is needed for the improvement of the Byrnes community. Contact: Teresa Schiltz.

    Math Team

    The Math Team promotes interest in mathematics and problem solving. They also represent the school in Math, Engineering, and Computer Programming Contests. The Math Team meets on Thursdays after school. Contact: Katie Ordoyne.

    Model United Nations Team

    The Model UN Team is a group of students who participate in mock UN simulations across the region. High schools from all over gather to represent countries and present/defend their issues. Students gain valuable experience in public speaking, leadership, international relations, and world cultures. Students from all grades may participate. Contact: Kristin Owens.

    Music Programs

    Rebel Regiment: The Rebel Regiment is the marching band that performs at all football games, several band contests, and parades during the school year.  The band and color guard that participate are open to all high school students by way of audition.  In addition to the marching band, there are three concert bands and a jazz band which perform several concerts during the year. Band Booster Web Site (not affiliated with Byrnes High School) Contact Bryan Bone.

    Chorus:  Mixed Chorus - This course is designed for freshman and first-year singers who desire to become better singers. Students will learn the fundamentals of singing and how to read music. Songs studied will include spirituals, jazz, folk songs, pop hits and movie themes. Students will perform in a mandatory winter concert and will be required to pay a choral fee. Concert Chorus - This class is for experienced singers who already read music and have a desire to increase their vocal ability. This group performs in various mandatory concerts throughout the year and will be required to pay a choral fee for concert dress rental. Byrnes Singers - This class is for experienced singers who already read music and have a desire to increase their vocal ability and to perform. Members of the Byrnes Singers will be required to audition for All-State Chorus and to perform in various mandatory concerts throughout the year. Students will be required to pay a choral fee for concert dress rental. Contact Jessica Rash

    Orchestra:  The Byrnes Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO) is made up of very talented string, wind and percussion players.  Students are selected through an audition process which is conducted on a yearly basis.  Several concerts, including the fall, spring, and Pops programs, are performed each year.  Other ensembles in the Byrnes orchestra program include Byrnes String Ensemble and the Chorus Chamber String. Contact: Arlyn Mills.

    National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society is an organization that honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Contact Tracy Camp or Lea Elizabeth Allen.

    National Art Honor Society

    Students must have had an A in a previous art course. Students with a high level of achievement in art, as well as a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and overall character are encouraged to participate. NAHS members will engage in individual practice as well as service-oriented artwork. Contact: Pam LittleRaelyn Chambliss, or Megan Parlow.


    Souvenirs: The James F. Byrnes High School yearbook is a record of student life and school activities.  The staff is chosen by the faculty advisor from those who sign up at the end of the year. Contact Lela Belue

    Spotlight: The purpose of our school newspaper is to inform the students of events concerning our school activities. Contact Kane Pruitt. 

    Rebel Theatre Company

    RTC is a GT theatre production company for Byrnes. Members work in all aspects of theatre production, including acting, directing, lighting, sound, and set construction. All members must audition for placement in the program and maintain a C average as an overall passing grade. Contact: Carol Sutton

    Recycling Club

    Contact: Charles Freeman

    Science Club 

    The Science Club is an organization for students who are interested in the field of science.  During the year, the members participate in Lake Sweep, plan programs, and help with the school science fair.  The Science Club meets the first Monday of the month. Contact Patricia White

    Scrabble Club 

    The Scrabble Club is open to anyone who enjoys using words and likes the camaraderie of playing the board game Scrabble.  If you're looking for an intellectual challenge and the enjoyment of clever and creative word-building in a friendly setting, please join our club. We meet on the third Thursday of the month in Room 914.   Contact: Carol Nescio

    Spanish National Honor Society

    Students studying Spanish are eligible for membership in the Spanish National Honor Society if they meet the following criteria: * An 'A' average in each of all Spanish classes taken from 9th to 12th grade as well as * A GPA of 3.0 or better. An induction ceremony is held during the school year. There is a fee for purchasing the honor cord as well as being enrolled in the National Association for Spanish. Contact Laly Serrano.

    Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club serves as a cultural awareness organization for any interested student here atByrnes High School .  Emphasis is placed on Spanish and Hispanic current events, celebrations, and activities that are recognized throughout the school year. Contact Laly Serrano.

    Student Council

    Members are elected  in the spring of each year.  The purpose of this organization is to promote the general welfare of the school, unify the student body, create school spirit and a sense of loyalty, uphold the good name of the school, and develop closer cooperation between students and faculty. Contact Christina Paxton.

    Youth in Government

    Youth in Government, sponsored by the YMCA, is a total emergence in the South Carolina government process. Students can participate in one of two areas: state legislature or state courts. Students can write their own bills, present these in committee, and argue in the actual Senate and House chambers. Others prepare the prosecuting and defense aspects of a selected fictitious case and present these in an actual courtroom setting. These students also prepare and present an appeals case in the Appeals Courthouse to the South Carolina YIG Supreme Court. YIG competition is held in late November or early December, Wednesday through Saturday. Student Council: Members are elected in the spring of each year. Contact: Jessica Jones