Pam Davis
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    I am a former graduate of James F. Byrnes High School.  The marching "Rebel Regiment" was my life in high school...I lived from one marching band competition to the next!  After graduating from Byrnes, I attended the University of South Carolina - Spartanburg, SC and obtained my B.S. degree in Education.  I taught 3 years and began working on my master's degree at Converse College.  I obtained my M.Ed. degree in Special Education and moved to California.  I taught in California for 11 years before returning to South Carolina.  Since returning to South Carolina, I have completed my 2nd M.Ed. degree from Converse College in Educational Leadership and Administration.  I returned to SC to become a teacher at Byrnes High School and feel the circle is complete...Another Byrnes Rebel, home again!



    My Schedule
    First Period                     Study Skills 2
    Second Period                Study Skills 2
    Third Period              Teacher Planning
    Fourth Period                Study Skills 2