• Mr. Salter's Class: here are the websites you need to complete your assignment for 2/12/19:

     site 1: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancerbasics/what-is-cancerr

     site 2: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/how-cancer-grows.html

    site 3: http://plaza.ufl.edu/alallen/pgl/modules/rio/stingarees/module/why.html

    site 4: http://www.cellsalive.com/cell_cycle.htm

    site 5: http://www.cancer.gov/

    site 6: http://yourdiseaserisk.wustl.edu/YDRDefault.aspx?ScreenControl=YDRGeneral&ScreenName=YDRHome.htm



    Mr. Salter's Class: here are the instructions you need to complete your assignment for 2/7/19:

    Cell Cycle Google Slides Project


    1. Create a Google Slides presentation containing illustrations, pictures, and information about the cell cycle.
    2. Your presentation will consist of at least 12 slides including a title slide. 
    3. Use bulleted ideas instead of complete sentences or paragraphs. Your definitions should be short and to the point. Use language teens use. Do not include words if you do not know what they mean.
    4. Your presentation MUST include illustrations or pictures.
    5. Below, you will find the list of cell cycle topics that need to be addressed. Include pictures and information about each step of the cell cycle.
    6. Do your own work. Be creative, original, and efficient. No two presentations should be alike.
    7. Log into Google Slides - you can do this by clicking on the icon of 9 boxes in the upper right-hand corner of any Google site.
    8. Choose a theme/template.
    9. Click “Share” in the upper right hand corner.
    10. Name your presentation. First initial, last name, space, and the words "Cell Cycle". For example, mine would be “BSalter Cell Cycle”.
    11. Share your presentation with me using my email address: bobby. salter@spart5.net
    12. Google will automatically save your presentation.
    13. Focus and finish!



    Slide 1: Come up with a creative title page. It should include your name and at least one interesting picture.

    Slide 2: Picture and definition of Interphase.

    Slide 3: Picture and definition G1, S, and G2.

    Slide 4: Picture and definition of Prophase.

    Slide 5: Picture and definition of Metaphase.

    Slide 6: Picture and definition of Anaphase.

    Slide 7: Picture and definition of Telophase.

    Slide 8: Picture and definition of Cytokinesis.

    Slide 9: Picture and definition of the G1 Checkpoint.

    Slide 10: Picture and definition of the G2 Checkpoint.

    Slide 11: Picture and definition of the M Checkpoint.

    Slide 12: 3 reasons why cells must go through the cell cycle (hint: your cancer article from yesterday should help).




    Grading Rubric



    Unsatisfactory (1 pt)

    Satisfactory (2 pts)

    Good (3 pts)

    Excellent (4 pts)


    Presentation had 4 or more spelling or grammar errors

    Presentation had 3 spelling or grammar errors

    Presentation had no more than 2 spelling or grammar errors

    Presentation had no spelling or grammar errors


    The PowerPoint cannot be understood because there is no sequence of information

    The PowerPoint cannot be easily followed because topics jump around

    The PowerPoint has a logical sequence, that the viewer can  follow

    The PowerPoint is logical and contains an interesting sequence which viewer can easily follow.


    Transitions are not used, slides have major technical mistakes; no pictures or video included

    Bullets and transitions are used ineffectively, or are distracting; no video included

    Bullets and transitions used, but there are some problems with flow

    Bullets and transitions used effectively, presentation flows smoothly


    Presentation has major gaps in knowledge, viewer is not likely to leave with useful information

    Presentation has some major gaps in knowledge, or is presented in such a way that the viewer has trouble understanding

    Presentation provides information on the topic, some elements are missing (see questions)

    Presentation provides a wealth of information on the topic, all questions are answered in a way the audience can  easily understand

    Information 2

    Information is way too technical for an average person to understand, information is cut/paste from sources

    A majority of the information seems copied from sources, student attempts to make it understandable

    Some information seems cut and paste from sources, too technical for a layperson to understand completely

    The student presents information in his or her own words, with consideration to the audience



    •  Also, make sure you finished the work from yesterday. Only one person submitted a score for the Mitosis Mover activity yesterday.


    Mr. Salter's Class: here are the links you need to complete your assignment for 2/6/19:






    Click here to play the Mitosis Mover game. Make sure you complete the Mitosis Mover game and submit your score to Mr. Salter. His email address is bobby.salter@spart5.net. In order to get credit for this part of today's assignment, you MUST submit your score to Mr. Salter.

    Cell Cycle Battleship Game


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