• April Howell 

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    I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the RATE students at James F. Byrnes High School. The purpose of the RATE (Rebels Achieving Through Effort) Program is to provide opportunities for students with special needs to learn functional academic, personal, social and occupational skills that will prepare them for lifelong independent living, productive employment, and responsible citizenship. 
    I am eager to challenge our students to work hard to better themselves and strive to reach their full potential. I fully believe that the key to sucess is high expectations and motivation. Please explore this site to learn more about my background, philosophies, instructional plan and, most importantly, about the students.

    In order to help my students succeed I have five basic expectations for all students.
                                                         Be Prompt!
                                                         Be Prepared!
                                                         Be Positive!
                                                         Be Polite!
                                                         Be Productive!


    I teach the Life Skills component of the RATE program. Life Skills courses are designed to provide students with independent living skills and effective social and interpersonal skills.  Students also receive instruction in Employment English, Career Preparation, Occupational Diploma Science, Reading and Writing and Community Awareness.
    My Schedule
    First Period: Life Skills 3
    Second Period: Planning
    Third Period: Employment English
    Fourth Period Employment English