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    Mission Statement
    The Mission of Spartanburg District Five Schools is to provide every student quality educational experiences in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment.
    Spartanburg District Five Schools will provide exemplary opportunities and pursue academic excellence to improve the quality of life for our students and community.
    Spartanburg District Five is clearly focused on helping children in their personal and academic development by equipping them with the necessary tools to develop world class knowledge and skills, and life and career characteristics to succeed in a competitive global marketplace.  We believe that:
    • Children are our most valuable resource
    • Public education is essential for our society
    • Integrity is the basis of good character
    • Excellence is achievable
    • Mutual respect is an expectation
    • Knowledge empowers
    • Diversity strengthens
    • Family is the foundation of society
    • Children need positive role models
    • Attitude makes a difference
    • Learning is a lifelong process
    • Personal responsibility serves the common good
    • Perseverance, work ethic, and interpersonal skills pave the pathways to success
    • Creativity and innovation are valued
    • Stewardship of resources maintains trust
Last Modified on September 22, 2021