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    The  selection of the Spartanburg District Five Occupational Credential as a graduation option is made by the IEP committee. This committee includes the student, parents, or guardian, counselor, school psychologist, vocational educational representative, special educational/  vocational educational representative, and principal or designated representative.

    The selection of this option does not restrict the student to the choice of the Spartanburg District Five Occupational Credential.  The student may also pursue the SC High School Diploma or the Attendance Credential.

    Students in the occupational credential program of study may not count credits earned in this program towards the SC High School Diploma, except as electives.

    Students involved in the occupational credential program of study must have a postgraduate goal of competitive employment.

    The selection of the Spartanburg District Five Occupational program of study must be made in the student's ninth or tenth grade year prior to the student's 16th birthday, whichever comes first.