• James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy

    Our school serves five vibrant, small, upstate South Carolina communities, each unique in character and history. At the Freshman Academy, students from all of these communities come together for the first time in their school career.  A key component of our program focuses on building a unified community in the context of each person doing their best at all things.

    James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy was initiated within the confines of James F. Byrnes High School beginning in August, 2005. Its founding purpose was to serve the academic, social, and emotional needs of 9th grade students.  In August, 2007, the Freshman Academy moved to its own campus, which is the former site of DR Hill Middle School.  We have 60 full-time faculty and staff members as well as ten teachers we share with Byrnes High School to serve our 800 students.

    The faculty and staff of the Freshman Academy are a blending of many strengths. Young teachers work closely with more experienced colleagues to combine the energy of youth with the wisdom of experience.  We focus on each child as an individual.  We value supportive relationships with our parents and community.  

    Byrnes Freshman Academy is routinely recognized within the county and state for its outstanding student achievement.  We take pride in our school and community by hiring the best, most qualified teachers and staff who love working with and for students and families.  Success stories are made every day because we focus  on “every child every day”.