• Angie Eubanks 

    864-949-2370 Ext: 1104


    I am Angie Eubanks and I would like to welcome you to my web page for 7th grade math.  The daily homework will be posted on the assignments tab and general information can be found on the announcements tab.  Please feel free to call me to set up an appointment or email me with any questions you may have.  

    Daily Schedule
    7:45-8:30 First Period Pre-Algebra II
    8:32-8:57 Roarin' RIT
    9:00-9:41 Second Period Pre-Algebra II
    9:45-10:26 Third Period Planning
    10:30-11:10 Fourth Period Algebra I Honors
    11:15-11:53 Fifth Period Algebra I Honors
    12:01-12:37 Sixth Period Pre-Algebra II
    12:41-1:01 1:01-1:21 Lunch/Recess
    1:25-2:06 Seventh Period Planning
    2:10-2:50 Eighth Period Pre-Algebra II