• The Guidance and Counseling Program at Berry Shoals coordinates the Comprehensive Health Education (Sex. Ed.) Program, the Career Education ( C.L.U.E.) Program, and Character Education. The Guidance Program provides services to individual students, parents and classes as needed. The program assists students with mental, emotional, social and educational needs. This program assists students with the transition from elementary to middle school. The Guidance Program also provides and coordinates activities centered around themes that nurture, teach and guide students during developmental years at the intermediate level in District Five. Guidance activities and services are an important part of the total school curriculum.  Amy Kitts and Sommer Snyder serve as guidance counselors for Berry Shoals.

    Berry Shoals Intermediate School
    Classroom Guidance

    South Carolina State Guidance Standards address student development in three areas. The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to provide all students at all levels with knowledge of normal growth and development, to promote their positive mental health and to assist them in acquiring and using life skills.

    LEARNING TO LIVE (Personal/Social Development)
    The standards for personal/social development provide the foundation for personal growth. They enhance the personal, social, educational, and career development of the individual. Students acquire skills to foster relationships with self, others, the family, and the community.
    LEARNING TO LEARN (Academic Development)
    The standards for academic development guide the student to get the most out of each learning situation. The student experiences success and maximizes educational potential through effort and commitment to producing high quality work. Academic development includes desired learning goals that require the student to have a command of decision-making, problem-solving, goal-setting, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and interpersonal communication skills.
    LEARNING TO WORK (Career Development)
    The standards for career development provide the foundation for the development of skills that assist students in making a successful transition from school to the world of work, and from job-to-job, across the life career span.

    Classroom Guidance Topics

    Grade 5
    What does a School Counselor do?
    Common Sense/Making Good Choices/Red Ribbon Week
    Organization/Study Skills
    Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
    Career Development
    Summer Safety
    Grade 6
    Introduction: 6th Grade Guidance/Moving Up 5th Grade Curriculum Review:
    Stand Up! Speak Out!
    Coping with Cliques, Handling Gossip & Rumors
    Me, Myself & I: Strategies for Coping
    Personal Pathways: Introduction and Overview
    Personal Pathways: Career Exploration
    Understanding Conflicts: Self and Others/ Three Outcomes
    Handling Conflicts: Anger Management Problem Solving Strategies
    Moving On: Strategies for Success @ Florence Chapel Middle School

    Character Education
    Responsible Dependability
    Citizenship Reliability
    Trustworthy Honesty and Integrity
    Respect Caring, Generosity, and Kindness
    Loyalty Empathy
    Fairness Self-control
    Compassion Self-reliance