• Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

    1. Why can't the school bus come closer to my house?  
    School buses cannot stop in front of every house. It is state law that the bus cannot stop but every two-tenths of a mile between stops.  Some students may be required to walk up to three tenths of a mile to get to there bus stop.  When a student lives more than three tenths from the regular route, an additional route segment could be added to accommodate this child provided there is a safe turnabout. 
    Exceptions:  Students with disabilities who ride special needs qualify for special service.  During bad weather buses may stop as close to a students house without going off route.
    Bus stops need a clear visibility in both directions of 600 feet or a school bus stop sign. Buses are not allowed to do turn abouts or stops on blind curves, steep hills, or near the crest of a hill, or any other unsafe traffic situation.  Backing up a school bus is to be avoided if possible.  There are situations when a bus will need to back up and children should remain quite while this procedure is happening.
    2. Are young students also required to walk? 
    State law says that no matter the age they will have to walk.  The State Department of Education has tried to get laws passed where a younger child is let off closer to their home, no legislation will authorize this law. 
    3. Why can't the bus come down my road? 
    Buses are not allowed to go down certain roads. District will check road for safety and availability of a turn around in addition to staying within the limits of the laws governing transportation.
    4. Can my child be required to sit in an assigned seat? 
    Yes, students can be assigned a seat for behavior reasons or you may request that your child sit in a certain seat.
    5. Why can't I get on the bus to talk to the bus driver? 
    It is against the law!  If you need to talk to the driver please come to the driver window or call transportation and they will arrange a meeting with that driver.
    6. Why can't my child bring their band instrument home? 
    Student may bring band instruments as long as their is room in their lap and does not bother the other student in the seat with them. All items brought on the bus must be kept in the child's lap.  It is state regulation that nothing be in the floor or that the child is not sitting on these items, such as band instruments or book bags.  All emergency exits must be kept clear.
    7. Can my child have someone go home with him? 
    With a note from parent and signed and approved by the principal provided the bus has room for the extra rider.
    8.  Who do I call if I have a question or concern about school transportation?  
    District 5 Transportation Department: 949-2361