• Rena Burnette  Me

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         Hello and Welcome to my page.  I am excited to have you here.  I am even more excited to have your child in my classroom.  I have always dreamed of working with children in a classroom setting and now I can say I am living out my dream! 

         I grew up on the east side of Spartanburg and graduated from a small school called Broome High.  I went on to fulfill my dreams of becoming a teacher by continuing my education at the University of South Carolina in Spartanburg.  
         I am married to a wonderful man from District 5 and we have 2 AWESOME children (Erika & Bo).  They also attend Lyman Elementary. I have spent 8 years here in the District 5 school system.  Teaching your child what he or she needs to know is my goal and I plan to do just that each and every day!