• Jesscia Dismukes 

    864-949-2330 Ext: 207

    Dear Parents,
    Spring is definitely in the air and we are all ready for the warm weather. This semester we have a student teacher helping us. Her name is Katie West. She is currently a student at USC Upstate. She will be with us until April. She is bringing a freshness into our classroom that we are enjoying tremendously.
    It is still chilly in the mornings, so please send your child in a jacket or a long sleeve shirt. It is best if they dress in layers. On that same note, it is still flu season and we have had several children be absent or go home because of fevers or throwing up. Please make sure your child does not have a fever before you send them to school. If they complain about not feeling good, please check them out before you send them. I know that everyone has to work, but please be aware of the whole class's exposure to whatever the bug is. The children can't learn if they aren't here.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Mrs. Dismukes