• Items that are NOT permitted:

    1. Skin-tight clothing (including yoga pants and leggings) without an accompanying over garment that extends to mid-thigh.
    2. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should come to the mid-thigh. No holes above mid-thigh that expose skin or undergarments.
    3. Sagging pants. 
    4. Bandanas, do-rags, and hats. 
    5. Hoods on heads or pulled around face during the school day
    6. Sheer or see-through blouses or shirts, midriffs/crop tops, low cut tops, or muscle shirts without a garment that covers the body.
    7. Garments with slogans, patches, buttons, flags, emblems, or symbols that are inappropriate or graphic in nature, degrade human dignity, or are considered offensive. 
    8. Sleepwear, blankets or covering, pillows, and bedroom shoes. No pajamas.


    • Students must wear shoes, shirts, and pants at all times.


    • Students must wear their school issued ID and lanyard around their neck at all times during the school day. In addition to the school issued lanyard, they can also wear a lanyard of their choosing if they would like.