• In February of 2018, the District Five Schools' Board of Directors overwhelmingly approved the implementation of a magnet program at Duncan Elementary. We became Duncan Elementary School of the Arts-- a magnet school focused on the Performing and Visual Arts. 


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a magnet school?  

    • A magnet school has a specialized focus.  The term "magnet" refers to how students are drawn to the school from outside the school's normal attendance area.

    Why were the Peforming and Visual Arts chosen as a focus?  

    • If you have attended our Art Nights, Musical Productions, or our Variety Shows over the years, you have seen firsthand our students’ talents. Feedback our parents provided through our Title I surveys indicated that they wanted students at all grade levels to have the opportunities in the Arts that have traditionally been reserved for our third and fourth grade students. Because we always emphasize our students’ gifts and talents through the Arts, it was a natural progression to explore this possibility.
    What opportunities will my child have as a student at Duncan Elementary School of the Arts? 
               Arts opportunities offered to all 5K-4th grade students at Duncan include:




               Instrumental Music


               Visual Arts

               Digital Arts


    How will the magnet concept affect my child's instruction in the core content areas?

    • Duncan Elementary School of the Arts will continue its tradition of quality instruction in the core subject areas of reading, math, science and social studies, using the South Carolina curriculum standards as a guide.  The Fine Arts will be integrated into the core subjects to enhance lessons.

    Who will attend the magnet school?  

    • All students zoned for Duncan Elementary School of the Arts can attend.  A limited number of students outside our attendance area who are interested in the program will also be accepted through the District Five Limited School Choice policy.  ALL STUDENTS in the school will have an equal opportunity to participate in specialized instruction.

    What is the application process?  

    • Parents of District Five students who wish to enroll their child(ren) in Duncan Elementary School of the Arts should fill out the D5 School Choice Application found here.

    How will growth in enrollment impact class size?

    • Class sizes will not increase above normal district averages.

    Please feel free to call the school (864-949-2373) to request a visit or more information regarding our magnet program.