• District Five Schools of Spartanburg County

    Food Service Charging Policy


    Dear Parents,

    Listed below are the guidelines from Board Policy EF and EF-R, issued in June 2017, regarding student meal accounts https://www.spart5.net/Page/31.

    1.      District Five Schools participates in the Federal National School Lunch Program that provides free and reduced school meals for qualifying families. Parents should contact their child’s school, the district administrative office, or visit the following link for application procedures https://www.spart5.net/domain/42.

    2.      Families who pay reduced or full price for meals are encouraged to keep a positive meal account balance. We prefer that parents pay for meals ahead of time using our Lunch Prepay system (https://www.spart5.net/domain/991), sending money each Monday or paying daily.

    3.      A student may charge up to $25.00 maximum. A student who charges a meal may not charge any a’ la carte items that would result in a cost above the base meal price.

    4.      A note will be sent home from the school to families who accrue a balance of $25.00 or more.

    5.      Parents/Legal guardians will receive at least one written notification prior to a student being denied the ability to charge meals. If alternate meals are provided for a student, efforts will be made to safeguard his/her dignity and confidentiality by providing procedures that do not call attention to the student’s unpaid balance or inability to pay.

    6.      The food service manager and school personnel will coordinate communications to parents/legal guardians by mail or telephone to resolve unpaid meal account balances. Application procedures for free and reduced meals will be provided and a payment plan may be implemented.

    7.      Negative balances of more than $25.00, not paid in full within 30 days of the last instructional day of the school year, will be turned over to the district designee to initiate collection efforts. If appropriate, legal action could be taken to recover costs for unpaid meal charges.

    8.      Surplus balances at the end of the school year will be carried forward to the next year or reimbursed, if requested, by the parent/legal guardian. Students who graduate or withdraw may request a refund.

    9.      Contact your child’s school or the district administrative office for questions or concerns regarding the food service program.