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    Miss Priester
    Welcome to the Fall 2018 semester at Byrnes High School! This semester, I will be teaching 3 sections of English III. I am thrilled to teach these classes with a focus on justice. I feel as though this theme is very relevant and will engage every type of student in the classroom! 
    Please feel free to contact me at any time about any concerns or questions you may have about my classroom, topics covered, or assignments. I use the Remind 101 app fairly frequently, and check my email at least twice daily. You can reach me via email at toni.priester@spart5.net. I will also be using my Schoology courses to provide materials and a calendar of assignments for each class.
    I look forward to a wonderful year discussing justice in literature and its connection to today's society.
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    English III

    English III


    English III

    Extra Help:
    I am more than happy to schedule an after-school extra help session. Byrnes also provides free tutorial assistance at the Rebel Success Center.
    Tutoring sessions are offered every Monday and Wednesday from 3:45-5:00 PM. Please feel free to contact me about extra help with me directly or with the Rebel Success Center!