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    Deadline Tuesday, April 26

     Friday, April 29 is Carnival Day. If it is necessary for you to have an early dismissal for a Dr’s appointment on Friday these are things you need to remember:

     Deadline to turn in an early dismissal note or parent email is 3:30 PM, Tuesday, for any Friday early dismissals.

    • We encourage you to bring your early dismissal notes early in the week.  
    • All notes will be verified by the Attendance Office.
    • Remember that you must sign out before you leave campus, prior to going to the football field at 12:05.
    • We will not be accepting phone calls or emails for early dismissal from your parents on this day. You will NOT be allowed to call home to leave.
    •  If you miss the deadline to turn in your early dismissal note, your parent will need to come into the office to sign you out.
    • The time missed from class does count against your attendance. Friday’s schedule will be slightly altered.   1st and 2nd periods will be on regular schedule.   3rd period will be from 11:32 – 12:05.  Everyone reports to their 3rd period class at 11:32.  All classes will be called to the stadium for lunch at 12:05.

    We encourage you to stay and enjoy this day of fun at Byrnes and support Relay for Life.