• Welcome to
    Abner Creek Academy's 
    Reading Intervention Program!

    Mrs. Bralley

         Welcome to Abner Creek Academy's
    Reading Intervention Program!
          At Abner Creek Academy, we strive to have a learning environment that exemplifies our school motto of "learning with love and laughter!"  As we aim to instill a lifelong love for learning, we believe that having positive reading experiences is fundamental for acquiring the necessary reading skills that your little one needs for academic success.  It is my distinct pleasure to be a part of this process for our students. 
          My name is Wendy Bralley, and I am the Reading Interventionist here at Abner Creek.  The goal of my program is to work with the children in our early grades to strengthen the skills essential for reading.  These skills include phonics, recognition of high frequency words, and reading comprehension strategies, which help your child make meaning of what he or she reads.  Reading Intervention is a "catch and release" program.  This means that based on screening completed by your child's teacher, and me, children qualify for my program to help strengthen his/her current reading skills.  This is the "catch" part of the program.
           Each day children here at Abner Creek participate in a critical instructional period of the day called "Guided Reading" where his/her teacher works with small groups to teach reading skills on their instructional level.  During Reading Intervention, students get a "double dose" of this instruction, as I pull students to provide thirty additional minutes of intense instruction, again in small groups.  The "release" part of the program is that I only keep students in the program for the number of weeks that he or she needs to improve their reading skills.  This program is not part of our Special Education services, as this program only serves children for the length of time needed to demonstrate progress in their reading levels.
        During the time I serve my students, I am in close contact the child's teacher to assure that he/she is getting specific reading instruction.  While in the Reading Intervention Program, students  bring home books practiced in class, and on their instructional level, as well as high-frequency sight words that need to be practiced to help them in their reading. 
           Reading aloud is the single best means of becoming a better reader and praise is one of the best means of encouraging progress!  I am pleased to be apart of such a beneficial program here at Abner Creek where we prepare our little ones for success through praise and practice!