• Red Ribbon Week 2014

    October 27-31

    “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free”


    • Thursday, Oct 23: 1:15 PM    School Wide Program

    Tim Sonefelt’s “No Wrong Turns: 6 Signs of Character” Program

    • Monday, October 27: “I’m a ‘Jean’ius’ I’m Drug Free” Day- Wear your favorite blue jeans! We are too smart to use drugs!
    • Tuesday, October 28: “Sock it to Drugs” Day- Wear your craziest socks to sock it to drugs!
    • Wednesday, October 29: “RED-y to be Drug Free” Day- Wear something red to honor Red Ribbon Week  *Look for a special red treat in the cafeteria at lunch today!
    • Thursday, October 30: “TEAM-UP Against Drugs” Day- Wear your favorite team’s shirt or jersey. We are a team fighting against drugs!
    • Friday, October 31: “Peace Out to Drugs” Day- Dress like a hippie! Bring out the tie-dye, peace signs, and flower power because, Drugs aren’t groovy!! **Best Dressed Teacher to be awarded. Students are asked to vote with their pennies for the Grooviest Teacher. All proceeds go to Relay for Life!


    Our students have FUN celebrating our drug-free lives!! 

    We are the Lyman Lions, ROARRRRRRRRR!