• School Improvement Council Members 

    We are thankful for their willingness to serve our school through this council. We are proud to announce our 2016-2017 SIC Board to our school community.

    Mrs. Karen McMakin, Principal, Ex-Officio Member

    Mr. Chad Dowden, Asst. Principal, Ex-Officio Member

    Mrs. Dawn Mitchell, Parent Representative

    Mr. Laurent Smith, Parent Representative

    Mrs. Jill Walker, Parent Representative

    Mrs. Mamye Gardner, Teacher Representative

    Mrs. Shannon Woodroof, Teacher Representative

    Mrs. Sandra Hawkins, Teacher Representative

    Mrs. Tammy Rybak, PTO Representative

    Mrs. Carolyn Hamby, Appointed Community Member

    F.E. Hendrix, Appointed Community Member

    Mr. Carey Ballew, Asst. Fire Chief Pelham Batesville

    You may contact the School Improvement Council at