• School Improvement Council Members 

    We are thankful for their willingness to serve our school through this council. We are proud to announce our 2020-21 SIC Board to our school community.


    Elected Members:

    Mamye Gardner, Teacher

    Elizabeth Koon, Teacher

    Monica Booth, Parent

    Dawn Mitchell, Parent

    Kristen Randall, Parent (Chair)

    LaVerne Rodgers, Parent


    Appointed Members: 

    Carey Ballew, Community Member 

    Carolyn Hamby, Community Member

    Dawn Mitchell, Community Member

    Brittany Gajda, Parent and Community Member


    Ex-officio Members: 

    Shanai Peery, PTO President

    Melissa Fowler, Assistant Principal

    Shayne Daugherty, Principal 


    You may contact the School Improvement Council at acasiccouncil@gmail.com